Google – Singapore Time Walk


Aug 2015
MediaMonks /Google S’pore
Digital executive producer

See Singapore as you’ve never seen it before. This location-based app lets you explore Singapore through the lens of your device. Time Walk guides you through the history of the city’s most iconic locations and lets you see what each place used to look like.

The Singapore Time Walk is a specifically designed augmented reality app by Google as sort of an 50th birthday present to Singapore. With Time Walk, you can use your smartphone camera to point at landmarks such as the former City Hall or Old Supreme Court, bring up information and trivia about the place, plus view what the location looked like in the past. The coolest feature however, has to be the animated playback view of the past 50 years of these selected landmark locations. Google collaborated with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, National Heritage Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority to secure as many historical images as they can to form this historical reconstruction.

The is app is now being updated and promoted, so tourists can learn from the history of Singapore by using this app and following the Jubilee Walk.

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