Unox – Good Noodles


August 2018
DDB &Tribal Amsterdam
Digital Director
DOOH / Experiential

With Unox Good Noodles you can keep on going. This proposition has been applied to latest activation campaign of Unox Good Noodles.

Instead of a photographed model with a product, Unox has chosen to challenge consumers to pose with the product as long as possible, live in front of a camera on location.  In order to increase the reach and impact of the activation, influencers De Gierige Gasten, Sophie Milzink, JayJay Boske and Gio took the lead.

The activation was broadcasted live on various DOOH’s and bus shelters from Outdoor Advertising operator JCDecaux.  The best times were rewarded with free Good Noodles for the rest of your life.

“In today’s society, perseverance is often seen as something that costs effort and benefits. But where is the fun? Our -young- target group wants to put energy into things that are not just useful. Watching a complete season Peaky Blinders, or becoming a FIFA champion with your friends, learning a new trickshot, that too is perseverance. Unox Good Noodles is the snack that helps them. A quick and savory snack, after which you can enjoy yourself again. ”

The activation, conceived by DDB & Tribal Amsterdam and executed in collaboration with JCDecaux, Mindshare and Kinetic, has been supported by product-oriented online and outdoor advertising with a packshot, and short online videos.