Johnnie Walker – Symphony in Blue


May 2018
MediaMonks / Iris Worldwide
Digital executive producer

Johnnie Walker needs to attract a new generation of drinker but the Whisky category suffers from a staid image. The flavours can be perceived as complex so people struggle to identify what they taste

Together with MediaMonks, Iris has created an Ultimate Immersive Mentoring experience, enabling local brand ambassadors to take quality whisky mentoring to a global audience. Inspired by the whisky’s six flavours: Fresh, Fruit, Malt, Spice, Wood and Peat, the immersive flavour journey, available on both Android and iOS, puts the power of Johnnie Walker’s best Whisky Sommelier in the hands of the Brand Ambassadors anywhere in the world, who can now, regardless of their knowledge, deliver a world class whisky mentoring experience.

The Digital Mentor enhanced user’s recollection of the key flavours by 38% compared to traditional whisky mentoring.

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